Tuesday, August 23, 2011

P2P2 peeks

 I think this is going to make a great blanket when I'm done weaving it!  And surprisingly, a 4-color change plaid isn't as bad as I feared it would be, especially when I get into my grove.  It's actually going really fast.  With a lot of focus, I can weave about 2 feet of cloth in one day!  So on a weekend, I can get through about 6 feet at a time, which is one panel.  I need 2 panels, so no problemo!

I wish I could show you more of P2P2, but the big reveal is still a week away!!  I am loving this project so much.  In fact, I was thinking of entering it into our county fair, but I found out recently that it was CANCELLED.  Yes, CANCELLED.  I am so bummed out.  I have been looking forward to that fair for a year now after last year's big win.  Apparently some people are trying to hurry and put something else together, but they may not take adult entries.  So bummed.......