Thursday, June 6, 2013

Four blankets are done!

These 4 blankets are all done!  They are so soft and pretty!

I love the plaid!  I thought about tying on yet another warp, but I think I'm ready for something a little bit different...

I don't have anyone in mind right now to use these four blankets.  In fact, I put them into my hope chest that my dad made me in high school so I can use them with my future kids.

This is the beautiful hope chest he made me.  At the time, I filled it with things to use when I got married.  Now, it's full of things for a future baby!

Besides the blankets, here are a few of the fun things in my hope chest!

I have a whole set of storybook-like embroidered blocks to make into a quilt.  I made these in college!

I also have a set of these circle animal blocks.  I love these!  I think I also made these in college.

 And I have a third set of blocks (Geeze, I need to quilt these up!!) of these cats that are dressed up in various themes!

I also have a few sets of cloth books.  Some of them match books I made for my nephews when they were young.  (Like 10 years ago?!)  I made 2 sets and gave them one then kept the other for myself for the future.

Here is the dots book to practice counting:

And some cool quilt squares:

This is the transportation book:

And lastly, these are little things that Brian bought along the way in his travels.  He loves John Deere stuff and I think he got these in Cheyenne, Wyoming on one of his many trips!

There are a few other decoration items that I haven't taken the time to frame yet, like these wool applique pictures.  I made two sets when I was in college, one for me and one for my mom.  These small projects were so easy to do while living in a dorm room!

And something else I found in my hope chest that I forgot about was from my crochet year.  I didn't do much, but I did accomplish this awesome doily! 

Hope you enjoyed the tour!!