Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Roll out the red carpet!

 This one is coming off!  Looks like the loom is spitting it out!

Here is what I saw the very first time I saw it unrolled from the loom:


Before I cut it off the loom, I just want to note how I did the edges.  It always seems to immediately want to unravel as soon as the tension is released, so I cut it off in sections and tied it as I went along.  I started in the center and skipped every other group of 8 threads.  After I worked my way across the top, I took the whole bottom off and laid it out on the floor and finished it there.  I noticed that it doesn't seem to explode as much as the top.  I think it must get packed a little bit more at the bottom edge.

Here is a full floor shot of Ensuing Chaos!  I think this would be such a chipper way to wake up in the morning.  I think I am going to put it on my side of the bed.  Oddly there is a tile floor in our bedroom (thank you previous owners!) so I will have to get a non-slip mat.... or this will most definitely end up being an unplanned trip to the ER!

It turned out so cheerful and zig-zaggy!

I have enough wool for at least one more rug, maybe two.

In the next one, I think I will do shorter zigzags and have one main color (like the dark gray) and have all the background colors changing.

I don't think I have enough warp left on my loom for a whole new rug, so I might have to warp it again.  Or just make a short rug.

I love this one!  

It's so me!
And as a secondary bonus, I didn't think my hubby would like it very much because it's all the colors mixed together, but guess what?  He loves it, too!!  Yay!  It's a win/win!
I'm for sure keeping this one!