Thursday, June 27, 2013

Leggo my lego

Bertha Gray Hayes is my hero!  She was an amazing weaver!  On Warped Weavers, we have been trying to figure how which weaver she was in the picture in her book.  We have guessed many different ones, and someone wrote to someone else who wrote back and said it was one lady and then others think it's someone else... so I guess it doesn't really matter what she looked like, but her work was phenomenal!  (But please share and correct this picture if you know for sure!!!)

I like her work so much that 18 months ago I decided to use it to study overshot drafts and make my own profile drafts that are in her style of weaving overshot.  I have some here.  I kind of forgot about them, but lately I have seen them over and over and over on Pinterest.  Do you know how weird it is to see your own stuff on that site and find it inspiring??  I've been hoping to see my work all woven up by someone else, but all I see are the drafts rotating around and around!!

The other day I decided to revisit my profile drafts and actually weave one up instead of waiting to see it done!  I made these over a year and a half ago, so it's time I did this!  My most favorite was called "like" as in the facebook button, but originally it reminded me of one of my most beloved childhood toys: Legos.  I wanted to name it Lego to begin with, but Brian didn't think that name was all that great, so I changed it to something else. Well, I have since changed my mind about the name, so it's going back to the original name of LEGO!  The original name also reminds me of the commercials for the 1980's frozen waffles: LEGGO MY EGGO, which was also something I loved, and these kind of look like waffles!  I love this draft!!!!  It's so me!!!

Here is the draft I made in Oct 2011, renamed to MY LEGO:

I was having so much fun playing with profile drafts at the time!  I love them so much.  I love how you can see a condensed version of it all, but you can weave all different kinds of weave structures from it.  I think I might go and make some more!  In fact, the main focus of my book will be about profile drafting, how to do it, how to make them, how to convert them, how to draw your own, and about 20 new drafts of my own with conversions to overshot, samples, and variations.  Yes, it's way intense!!

This draft is the actual draft that sparked me to write a book.  Yes, this draft will be in my book and a tutorial on how to convert it to overshot, summer and winter, and even how to make your own profile drafts that look Bertha-like.  It's going to be a really neat book!  Of course, it's not all about overshot and profile drafts, there are some other random weaving things in it as well!

I can't wait to get started weaving this!