Wednesday, July 17, 2013


 Same design and warp, but now a pink weft!


And the results from the one that has been through the washer and dryer:

First, it doesn't look as U shaped!  This is a good thing!  However, it is very stretched out compared to the sample piece I did.  Therefore, I am going to wrap up this top pink one and begin a new one that has only 3 repeats in each section instead of 4.  And hopefully there will be enough warp leftover to try one more experiment: 2 strands of 12/2 cotton together with 4 repeats.  I still think this blue one is cute and I like its new home by the chair!  It's like it was made for this table!  (And yes, this table was made by my dad!  And the quilt on the chair was made by my mom.  And the quilt in the background on the wall was made by me!)