Sunday, July 14, 2013


This is pretty fresh off the loom, with exception to taking care of the edges.  It's kind of an experiment.  Usually I wash a piece first before finishing the edges but I have decided to finish the edges and then wash the piece.  We shall see how it does!

Now for some notes about the piece... First thing I noticed was the left hand edge and how U shaped it turned out.  I'm sorry to admit any faults, but most of my weaving has this U shape and usually I can hide it with the sewing in the end!  It's definitely more apparent without washing first.  Hopefully it will go away, but I have a ton of warp left so there really isn't a need to worry too much about this first piece.

Second, the shapes are very elongated, but I am hoping they will end up more square after a good trip through the washer and dryer.  The sample was sett at 20 epi, but it was a lot smaller, so perhaps I was able to pack it in more and therefore it was able to come out more square in design.  I hope this one shrinks closer to square!

Otherwise, I think it's a very awesome piece and I'm very happy with it!  I'm also very excited that I designed it myself!  I always wondered what Bertha Gray Hayes might have been thinking when she wove through her own pieces and now I almost feel as though I have gotten a small glimpse into her life.

Now I'm off to the washer and dryer!