Monday, September 30, 2013

Another blanket with feet!

 This wool blanket will definitely be super warm this winter!!!

And it's so pretty!!  And because it's 100% wool, it's also kind of heavy!

I knew that she would probably want me to get my head in a shot, just like my grandma wanted when we held quilts for her to take pictures a long time ago.  This blanket took forever to make because I got pregnant right around the time I actually started putting it onto my loom and was soooo tired!  I used to be able to whip blankets like this out in 24 hours, but this one took a few months!  But it makes it even more special since my mom will be the grandma now!

After washing the blanket, it became very soft and the center seam completely disappeared.  Also, all the little naturally occurring spaces between the threads completely disappeared.  I let the machine agitate for about 15 seconds total, and then I just let it sit in the water.  I put it into the dryer for about 10 minutes.  It was a perfect combination!  Here's some close-ups:

The ends without fringe

Gaps are all closed

The center seam disappeared!

Can you see how soft and fluffy it turned out to be?  It's so nice!  I'm glad the stiffness dissipated.