Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fabric shopping with dad

I have never heard my dad request to go fabric shopping before, or show even the slightest excitement about fabric!  But when he needed to get these wood chip collecting bags made for a machine, he requested a trip to Hobby Lobby!  We picked out this thick duck cloth and measured for the specifications.  We didn't have a pattern, so we just had to go with what we thought would work.  We basically made two tubes with rope in the seams to hold onto the machine better.  We then had to use some math skills to calculate a circle size based on the circumference.  We also made sure to serge all the raw edges so that they don't fray.  This was all for a school he is going to be working at now.  They couldn't afford new bags at $300, and I'm glad that I could help out!  Total cost for project: $12.  Who knew that sewing skills could be so extremely useful??