Monday, September 9, 2013

Polyester Scraps

This is weaving up so quickly!  I keep meaning to snag a few pics, but I finally remembered it after my loom was folded up for the evening.  So far, this blanket is just as fun as the last!  It's made from the bottom of the barrel scraps, too.  I am running out of colors, but I have decided to just sub as I go.  At first I was unsure if it would look ok, but then I reminded myself that it's just a scrap blanket and as long as I keep the twill going in the same direction, then it will probably be ok.  Looking at this picture, I like it even more!  It add just another element that catches your eye.

(PS. It may look crooked, but it's not crooked... it's just because the loom is folded up and there's no tension on it.)

I love these doubleweave polyester blankets!!!