Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A preview!

Thing has been non-stop busy here since the publishing of my book!  I haven't had time to write a review of my own book and share some pictures!  But alas, here are a few things from inside!!!

I always love seeing the table of contents for books before I buy them, so for those of you who also love table of contents, here you go!

By this last page, you can see that I have tried to put in as many inspiring pictures from my collection that I could!  I love inspiring art, especially when it has to do with weaving!

The main focus of this book is designing your own miniature overshot patterns like Bertha Gray Hayes.  I have an entire tutorial on how to design them using profile drafts, because it makes a very quick job of it!  You can actually plop out a few drafts in just a few minutes once you realize how simple profile drafting can be!  I put my teacher skills to the test and created a workbook section that you can print and work through, and then print again and work through it a second time instead of worrying about marking up your own book!  Here is a sample page:

One section includes how to draft by hand, instead of using the computer all of the time.  Here is a sample of that section:

I also work through how to find the back of your draft, different tie-ups, name drafting, and the challenges and benefits of converting to summer and winter, with samples!!  The great thing about drafting profile drafts is that you can easily convert them to other things, like summer and winter.  Here is a summer and winter sample of Lego:

I was asked the other day if my book was for 4-shafts or mostly 8-shafts, and you 4-shaft weavers are in great luck... it's actually most 4-shafts!  Although some of the drafting for summer and winter is for the larger looms like 8-shaft, there is a very special section for you with 4-shafts!!!  (See table of contents pg 171!)

There is a section with over 20 of my own drafts that I made using profile drafting.  I included a segment of the profile draft, a repeated front and back so you can see what a bigger picture looks like, the overshot front and back drafts, a woven sample of each, and then either some variations on the same theme or an idea of what to do with the draft.  Here are 2 sample page from Lego:


I definitely wove up plenty of samples for my notebook section!  In fact, it was so huge that I couldn't download it in one piece!  I had to split this one into two, that's how many pictures there are!!!

The book wraps up with hound's tooth projects, how to dye using mason jars and wilton's food dye, how to make a journal cover...

... how to use up your scraps making a fabric book....

... how to sew a sock-less sock monkey...

... some rugs...

... And an entire section on card weaving, including how to make your own cards out of cereal boxes, your own loom out of wood, etc.!!

Honestly I feel like I wrote my heart and soul into this book, and it's full of really great information!  The only complaint that I've heard so far is that it is not currently for sale in a printed version.  I chose to do the pdf format so that you can print off the sections you want, or like in the workbook style you can print and write on them, and then print a fresh copy again!  However, I haven't heard any other complaints than that so far!!  Many people are saying it's a great book and written really well.  One person told me that it has so much information in it that I could have charged twice as much!

Get your copy today and enjoy!!!