Sunday, October 27, 2013

Quiz answers and sourdough

In case you pondered the picture, Brian is on the left and I am on the right.  I tried my hardest to find pictures from around the same ages!  These are about when we were 6 months old.  This is what our little baby will look like in one year!

Way back in June, I was summoned to Grand Jury Duty on Fridays.  It was a really good experience, but it also lasted 4 months!  I liked it during the summer months, but it made my work weeks WAY too long!  However, I learned a lot (like how to be a smarter criminal) and I also made some really good friends.  One of my jury duty friends was just getting into sourdough when we were almost done.  She shared her starter with some of us jurors before we departed on our last day.  I have so far been able to keep mine alive and enjoy it!  If you've ever kept a sourdough starter alive, you know how animal like it really is, with regular care and feedings.

Apparently, the liquid on the top is called hooch and it's an alcoholic beverage that used to be enjoyed by poor people and bootleggers way back in the old days.

I shared my starter with my mom.  It's fun to share a starter!  And I wonder how long I'll be able to keep it going?  I hope for awhile!  Here's a wonderful loaf of flaky bread!

This next weekend we will be having sourdough waffles made from a sponge that has to sit overnight with buttermilk.  They'll be nice and sour by the morning!