Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Blues

Today, I start with the best part... just because it's one of those kinds of days... dessert before dinner... you know what I'm talking about!  Hopefully it will brighten up your duller than dirt Wednesday.

Isn't this gorgeous?!  I am so pleased with the way it's coming out!
It makes me so happy, and reinforces why I like weaving SO VERY MUCH!!!
I'm referring to it simply as The Blues.  It reminds me of Miles Davis' music, so simple, so blue-sy, and yet so full of life and feeling.  It's neither happy nor sad, it just is.

Now down to the dirty bisiness: I'm warping it at a tabby sett, so 24 epi.  It is 2 threads per dent on a #12 reed.  I have random colors and widths of segments throughout.  And I used every dent in that reed on this one!  It's weaving up at 23" across!

I had some P2P2 warp from last summer to use up because I made a calculation error.  There is a lot of sky blue, but I think it will work just great with the other colors.  I tried to make each section a different size, like the Zen towels.

 This is my favorite section.  I love the greenish blues!

With weaving this great,
I can't wait to see what other creations this warp has in store!