Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fixing the already good warp

So my day started with fixing an already good former warp.  I just had to extend it somewhat on each side.  I am planning on tying onto this old trellis warp, it is correctly threaded and this will save a lot of time!  I used some inkle straps to hold the back in place while I tie-on.  That way the threads won't be yanked out of my hands while I'm trying to tie-on!  I feel like it's one of the more clever things I've come up with!

To refresh your memory on this project, I need to make a 78" table runner and six 17" placemats, all with 14" width.  I know shrinkage is a huge deal, so I added about 15% to everything.  So my width is now about 16", instead of 14".  My length for everything will also increase, like the runner is now 90" total and the placemats are each 20" total.  This should be just perfect!

I am going to warp 8 yards of 10/2 perle cotton in lipstick red.  All I have to do is tie it onto the old warp from my other trellis table runners, but it's going in two threads at a time in a 10 dent reed, so it's 20 epi.  I am going to use the 5/2 perle cotton in mountain color for the weft.

This is my pattern using the correct colors: