Friday, May 18, 2012

Purples in The Blues

 The shades of blues were looking marvelous!  I decided that I want to try other color combinations on this warp.  This next towel rotates between 3 shades of purple in the weft. 

These are the 3 shades of purple I am using: 

This weave structure is a MIRACLE!!!  I think it's my new favorite weave!
Sharon claims she needs a 12-step program because she's so addicted!  I GET IT NOW!
Look at all the cool color combinations!
And I love the different sizes of squares throughout!

And the texture?  It's just AMAZING!!  I can't wait to feel it when it's all washed up!

 Next time will be shades of green!

Speaking of shades of green, anywhere from 2-8 weeks and we might see something starting to sprout for the garden!  I plan on sprouting them here and then planting them later.  I might have better luck that way!

When I get enough containers again, I want to sprout a few varieties of tomatoes.

Yummies will be coming!