Thursday, May 31, 2012

Don't forget the weaving

We decided to try some tomatoes this year, and hopefully it will work out this time!  We've given tomatoes a try in our garden for the last 3 years and have had very little luck.  The back of the seed packet said to start them indoors, so that is what we are doing this time.  We also have noticed our bell peppers haven't done a thing yet, so we started a few more of those, too. 

The pumpkin and lettuce look ready to plant!  I really need to get the east garden bed ready.  Hopefully in the next few days I can find a morning to work on that.


They are so cute!!

The west garden bed  is all ready, so we planted carrots on the right this year.  The tomatoes are going to be on the left.

 Brian taught me all about irrigation yesterday.  Very fascinating stuff!

The tree in front has slowly been dying.  We had another one of these tress that died last summer.  We cut it down and planted a pear tree in it's place. 

 Here are some July 2010 pictures of what it used to look like:


 So I cut out all the dead branches.

It's really lopsided and dumb looking now. I mean, it's REALLY BAD!!!

So, I decided to just go all the way:

This is your last chance, Mr. Tree!  Did you hear me?  LAST CHANCE!!!

 But the dumpsters are certainly full for this week!  (And next week, too!!)

While doing my weekly weeding rounds yesterday, I found a little cactus hiding in-between some rocks!  I think I'll let him be and just grow!

In non-outdoor news, I have been doing more spinning in the evenings lately.  I am trying out some 2-ply yarn.  I want to weave something with this... a blanket maybe.

My dad got several bags of alpaca from someone at work.  I'm excited to dig into it soon!  I'll have to start by washing it up first.  Zip is seriously interested in that animal smell!  Look at him dig his nose right into it!!

And now some weaving!  Let's not forget the weaving... 
Here's Linda's project getting warped.  We are warping 324 threads at 8 yards each in the lipstick color.

It's so rich in color and luxurious in texture!

 I think the two colors will look great mixed together in overshot!
Linda has a good eye for color!

Onward and upward to tying on 324 ends!!
I'm really looking forward to it... :-)