Friday, December 27, 2013

26 cent baby pants

Why yes, those are some homemade baby pants!  If only the pattern came in a larger size, I could make some for the whole family!  Don't they look extremely comfy?!  I got the free pattern here! All I had to purchase was the elastic and since I made 6 pants, each pair only cost 26 cents!  Wow... that's a bargain!

 My favorites are the two pairs (in front) made from handwoven scraps!  Do you remember these prints?  They were the scraps from blankets I made about 2 years ago! 

 I serged all the raw edges so that they will last a good long time and go through many washings and other babies!

Here is the back of the old-man-golf-style pants.  I didn't quite have enough of this scrap for the entire pair, so I at least made it match!

I'm slowly getting my to-do list complete... 

 Good thing I still have plenty of time!