Tuesday, December 31, 2013

More hats and a shirt!

I have a few more hats to share for my baby boy!  This first one is a "paper boy" hat and when I first made it, I didn't like it very much.  It wasn't until the next day that I think I like it more, but it's still not my favorite hat.  I think if I were to use a more traditional fabric, like a floppy checked plaid, I think it would jive better.  But it's different and cute!  I got the pattern here and printed the pattern at 68% for infant size.  I think it will just stay in prototype mode for now, until I have an actual model to play with in April and can see where the changes need to be made.



This green train engineer's hat is really cute!  I found the pattern here.  I noticed that the pattern was marked with medium and large, so I just drew in a small using the proportions from the other two measurements.  For the small, I made a 10" circle and reduced the long skinny bands to 17".  For the bill, I cut out the large, cut it in half, and used a ruler to slide the pieces together until the outside measurement was 7.5".  The finished size of this one was 15" around, which is a little smaller than predicted but it's the exact same size as all the other infant hats I have done... so it's a good thing I didn't go any smaller!  Hopefully my baby has a head somewhere in that range.  Another change I made was I didn't include a second layer on the top, and if I made a second one, I think I would include a lining because the top is pretty thin compared to the rest of the hat.

I need to get some heavy interfacing and try it again because the brim is pretty floppy, but it is still really cute!  I also see some sewing mistakes, like where the fabric puckered, but it's over a very cute hat and any infant would be happy with it and not complain!

The last hat I made is a "Great Gatsby" hat reduced from this men's pattern.   It was originally made for a man's head at 58 cm (22.83") but when reduced and printed at 65.7%, you can get it infant sized at 15"!

I haven't pinned down the front flap to the brim yet... not sure if I will.  If I don't, it can be reversible and flipped inside out to make 2 hats!  The weight of it might hold it close enough to not notice, but of course that will have to be an experiment that I see later in April!  If it doesn't work out that way, I can always sew it down with a few stitches later.

This one is still in prototype mode until I can find just the right pinstriped fabric... or tiny blue polka dots!!

The last sewing project for today is a very cute collared shirt pattern here with a great tutorial.  I used the 9 mo size, and re-sized the pattern to 87.5% for a newborn size.  It definitely presented its challenges, being the very first collared shirt I've ever made... and it's definitely NOT Baby Gap... but it sure is darn cute and it will work and last long enough!  I've already learned from my mistakes, like the buttons are way too small and the button holes aren't all straight or the best...  But at least I did my usual prototype and can fix those things later down the road.

He'll at least match when he wears all the prototypes together!