Monday, December 16, 2013

A few quickie Christmas scarves

I decided at the last minute to make scarves for a few people at school.  It started with wanting to make my two principals scarves for Christmas in our lovely new school colors!  Not only did they change our school mascot and colors this year, but we also have two new principals.  Our school has gone through a lot of changes!

Now our colors are blue and orange.  These scarves will be SOOO loud!

Who wouldn't want to wear a scarf with the same colors as a box of Mac N'Cheese? 

 Unfortunately, I really wanted a lighter blue instead of navy because in low light situations, this is going to appear very Halloween-ish.  But it's all the store had this day, and it still looks good in good lighting! 

Best of all, I only spend $3 on each principal this year!  What a lovely gift for so cheap!

Here's the 2nd one.  I used opposite colors so they could tell them apart and also so I wouldn't run out of the main color.

And both of them together:

I also promised my team of teachers at school that I would make a scarf for the janitor's "winter survival" basket.  We're putting other winter items in the basket, like a mug, coffee and tea, and some gift cards.  I'm sure she'll love it!  She's the hardest working janitor I have ever seen.  My room is so squeaky clean all the time!

I love color, so I tried to make it as colorful as I could!

My hubby's cousin contacted me and wanted me to make a list minute scarf for Christmas for his wife.  I said sure!  He sent me this pic of her coat to match.  He said a scarf with zigzags in light blue and lime green would be perfect!  I agree!

I think they will look fabulous together... the coat and this scarf.  I also think Chris and Rhonda will look fabulous this winter in their matching scarves together!  Chris' scarf was the one I did this summer and looked like this:

It zigs and zags a little differently than Rhonda's... but it's the same zigzag pattern done in Navy and shades of green.

And one more zigzag in some Seattle Sea Hawk colors!

Now I can rest easier knowing I have helped keep several people extra warm this Christmas season!