Wednesday, February 19, 2014

That darn middle fold

I haven't liked what the middle fold section is doing in this sample piece I wove.  It looks like the fold area has a double thread going on, like this:

If I add a thread to the 4th heddle, I now get this:

This is closer, but still not spot on.  I want this:

But I can get it two ways.  I can get it by adding one to either side.  I'm not sure which is better, or if I can add one to each color, or do I need to add two threads to just one color???  This is the other way I can get the same design, but it will make the other side two threads bigger. So can I add one thread color to each side and get the same thing??

I think the answer is no:

The pattern color needs to change at the point of the design change:

Now the question is, where do I add it to the doubleweave pattern?  So far, I have added one to heddle 4, and it is working, but not quite there.  If I continue down in the same order, that means I have to add one to heddle 3 of the same color and have it be 2 colors bigger.  I can also get the same pattern I'm looking for by taking out one thread from the other color after adding that extra heddle on 4.  I decided to go with the second option of adding one and taking one out.

And it works!!!

If I were to actually write the pattern to what it would look like on the loom, this is what it would be:


Notice there are 3 threads in a row of the same color.  We added one to heddle 4 and took out one from heddle 6 of the other layer's color.  Here is the weird center-fold spot up close:

At this point, I can't really explain the WHY's, except that it breaks the pattern like it's supposed to be broken.  I think it's because the pattern is already folding behind it, which is kind of making it opposite anyway, and then having the pattern be opposite again on top of that opposite, it kind of cancels it out.  I think this was an issue on my other blankets as well, so I don't think it's the new threading or tie-up that is making the problem.  At least it works!!  I guess just make note of it for next time!