Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A closer look at the color and weave dishtowel experiment from March

Here is a closer look at my dishtowels from the warp that used different colors and textures.  This is the same set that I wove at the end of March, I'm just posting more details of each towel.  I wanted a good comparison picture of both the fronts and backs of each.
These are made of 12/2 cotton, 30 epi.  I warped an 8 yard warp with 2 strands of color at one time, green and brown.  It is a point twill threading on 4 shafts, sometimes I treadled it as a waffle weave, sometimes as a twill, and for a few I just made it up!  I played a lot with colors on both to see what kinds of cool things I could make.   

This started as just an experiment, but I feel like I want to dig deeper into what different color combinations do on the loom.  They were a lot of fun and full of surprises!