Thursday, April 21, 2011

Weave Design

I love the weaving program called Weave Design from Pikes Peak Weavers Guild!  It is simply amazing to sit and design weaves on the computer.  I love being able to eaily plan projects, or tweak small things in a project to see how it reacts before I put it on the loom.  I have designed some twills on the computer before weaving them on my loom.  It's a good way to allow your imagination soar without using up all your yarn supplies!
I designed this overshot sampler with the name drafting rules in mind.  It was one of my first name drafting designs I've created.  I made it around Valentine's Day and it says "I love you."  I haven't gotten around to weaving it yet, but I plan to soon!  It's on my list of things to do... I like how it has almost a grid look to it from afar.  Also, if I can find this shade of pink yarn in my collection, I think it would look really cute!