Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Dad's New Pillow

Remember the honeycomb fabric I was weaving?  I finally finished it, washed it, and this is what I had planned for it.  I turned it into a pillow cover for my dad.  He loves to lay on the floor with his pillow.  Many years ago I made him a pillow cover and it's become really worn out.  So when my mom and I were out and about one day she asked me if I could make him a new one.  I thought YES!  I can weave it this time!  What a neat project this was.

This is side 1:

And this is side 2:

The second side has a few more colors added to it.  It has brown and green and orange.  This cover maximized the width that my loom can weave... any bigger of a pillow and it would have had to be pieced together.

I love the way this pillow turned out!!  Enjoy it, dad!!