Monday, April 4, 2011

Online Weave Along

 I have decided to participate in my first online weave along!  It is on, which is the online site for the Handwoven magazine that I subscribe to.  They provided the profile draft and we have to design something that fits into that.  It is also my first time using a profile draft!  I am so excited to try new things!

I have decided to to my profile draft in summer and winter weave.  I am running a bit low on yarn supplies so I had to just pick from my collection.  But luckily I love these two colors together anyway!  They're so bright and happy!  I am using 10/2 in orange for the warp and tabby.  And I'm using 5/2 for the pattern weft.

 Then I measured out a 2 yard warp...

... fastened it with my ties... 

... made it into a chain so it won't tangle too much...

... and sleyed the #10 reed with 2 threads each.

Heddles all threaded... and now I'm all tied on and ready to weave!!

Checking for threading errors... only found 3 and they were all an easy fix! 

Here are the original colors... it didn't strike my fancy very much so I changed to a darker blue.  I had to correct a few additional mistakes I found anyway, so this was just a natural stopping point to change colors.

My new set of colors...

Unfortunately I think it still looks a little bit muddy like the first one.  I'm going to press forward anyway, and maybe my opinion will change when it's done.

And maybe not.

I'm really loving the orange though, I just need to find a different 2nd color.  Too bad I'm weaving off of just my stash!