Monday, April 18, 2011

The online weave-along project is done!

My weave-along project for (thru Handwoven magazine) is done!

It's not bad considering:
1.) Three different changes in color part way through
2.) misreading the profile draft and skipping some squares... we'll refer to that as my creative interpretation.
3.) Using only yarn that I had on hand in my stash
4.) This being the first profile draft I've ever done!

I love this project!!  It was challenging and a lot of fun!

An up close picture of the neat threads made by a 1a-2b-2a-1b treadling pattern:

More juicy weaving details:

Warp & Tabby: 10/2 orange pearl cotton
Weft: 10/2 magenta pearl cotton
2 yard warp
epi = 20 on #10 reed
Summer and winter weave with unusual treadling sequence (1a-2b-2a-1b)
Very small project: 228 ends + 2 floats = 9.5"x18" (post washing and drying)