Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another pillow for my dad

I don't want to make my dad seem too feminine with all these pillow requests.  I mean, he is a macho guy.  But it just seems that lately he's had a lot of pillow-needs.  I made the honeycomb pillow for him back in March, and he loves to use it while watching TV.  But his pillow needs were still left unmet.  You see, my dad is SO tall that no lawn chair really fits him just right.  And we found some really neat lawn chairs on a special trip to Texas last summer.  They're fun to use during family picnics, however his REALLY long legs are always hanging over the edge and he feels uncomfortable.  So he put in his request for an ankle pillow.  Like the last one, I wanted to make it special with something handwoven. 

I always like to weave to the end of my warps and try and find some use for the fabric somewhere.  On the Huichol blanket, I knew that this little leftover piece would be just what I was looking for.  So I saved it for this occasion.  But  I wanted a new look to it.  Instead of switching colors for the weft, I just used the electric blue.

Here is the cloth fresh from the dryer.  It has a very neat look to it and it's different enough from the original draft:

I wove an inkle band for the straps to tie onto the chair.

With a little sewing, it all came together nicely! I put two bands on the back to tie to the foot bottom and when I tested it out, it turned upside down so I decided it needed more stabilizers.  I sewed two more bands up towards the top to tie to the side bars.

And the final project:

 Happy Father's Day, dad!  Now you can really enjoy your lounge chair with comfy ankles!