Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sley bells ring...

Wrong sley AND wrong season...

Besides, we're onto the winding now!  Get this yarn on here so I can get weaving!  And QUICK!

A little peek at Zip, who is staying out of trouble!  I hate when he comes around the sits on my yarn during this point or starts showing too much interest in it when I'm trying to roll it onto the back of loom!  Silly boy!  He's sometimes just a little playful or snugly with the yarn.

I love these two shades of blue together.  It was a happy surprise when the cones were sitting by each other.  I'm glad I went with them!  They look so great. 

I'm almost all set up.  I still have the pedals to tie-up, the floating selves to take care of, winding yarn onto the shuttles, making sure threads aren't crossed, weaving a header, and working on my hemstitch.  THEN I can finally start to sit back and really enjoy the weaving!  It sure is a lot of work to set up a loom.  I do enjoy the whole process though, but I especially like the weaving part!