Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New warping technique

In the past, I have always measured out a small part of my warp and put it directly onto my loom.  However, I read somewhere that if you tie off your warp in a lot of places, especially at the crossing section, then you can measure everything out at once and then sley your reed all at once.  I decided to try it this time around.  So, I measured out 60 threads of each color 6 times, so 720 threads.  Then I sleyed the reed starting from the center point and added a few colors to the end pieces that were empty. I decided to do a small border around the whole blanket, so the left side got an extra section of light blue.  Then the right section only got threaded half a sequence because that is where the seam will be.

I have decided to mark every 12 inches of woven space, and about 5 feet start the wrap up procedure.  Then I have to make a second panel as close to matching as I possibly can!  I hope this works!