Sunday, May 29, 2011

Change in Huichol plans

I think I want to try something beyond dishtowels with the Huichol plans.  I really want to make a blanket.  But my loom has a weaving width of 26", so I will have to make 2 panels and sew them together.  I am definitely experiencing some apprehension with this plan.  Do I sew them together before I wash them?  Can I make each panel relatively the same size?  Will the seam be bulky?  That's only a few of them, but I am excited to try something new.

Here's the original draft as a reminder:

I think I'm going to use 12/2 cotton in electric blue and cream.  The pattern calls for 8/2 at a sett of 24 epi, which is a loose twill sett.  Working with 12/2 cotton is a lot like working with 10/2, so I think I will chose a set of 30-32, which is a twill for 10/2.  That means I can either use reed #8 with 4 threads per dent, or reed #10 with 3 threads per dent, or reed #15 with 2 threads per dent.  From the veggie towel experience, I know that it's ok to have 3 threads per dent because they wash out.  So it does leave my options very wide open!

For the size, I'm thinking of filling the across width as much as possible, so 26" across which might shrink down to about 24" or 23".  So 23" x 2 panels = 46" across... with a length of at least that plus more.  I'm thinking if I warp 2 yards per panel, that might have the correct length.  To get the panels to match, I'm going to take careful measurements while I'm weaving.

The only thing I'm not sure about is, do I sew the panels together before I wash it?  If so, I worry about the ends of the threads fraying a little bit, because I'm going to hemstitch the edges and leave a little bit of fringe like I do on my dishtowels.  But maybe I could do the twisted fringe, it would be a bit longer in that case, but wouldn't fray with all the washing it's probably going to go through.  I've never had problems with fraying on my dishtowels if I wash them while they are connected first and then cut them apart.  But if it's a first washing, the ends look like they fray a little bit.  So this is the part I will have to think about a little bit more.  With twisted fringe, I might add 1 more yard to the initial warp length, just to be sure I have enough to get a grip  and twist!

I'm excited to try this blanket!