Friday, May 27, 2011

My P2P choices!

My P2P partner  Judy has posted the pictures I get to work with!  They are incredible and I already have some good ideas.  You can read her original comments on her blog.  I am re-posting the pictures here, and they are in no particular order, I think they came out alphabetical by title.

Here are some of my initial thoughts:

 I see this picture as being some great shapes with twills, the yellow can be my new "curry" yellow cone of yarn that I haven't used yet in anything else.  It almost looks like a bird's eye that isn't quite complete, because it's not a perfect diamond shape.  It would make a neat striped twill.  I really like the details in the cream color, I wonder if I could get some yarn with nubbies on it that would pop out after washing...

 This building offers a lot of square designs, I almost feel a waffle weave that is long and skinny coming off of this, or maybe even just a play of darks and lights arranged in different ways.  I almost sense a nice conflict because they aren't perfectly square!  And on the right there is more emphasis in the horizontal and the left there is more emphasis on the vertical.  This would help me step out of my bounds of having everything so square and perfect.  It might be fun to play with some Fibonacci numbers.

This one is incredible... the colors, the stripes, the shapes, and the way the colors change with the shading.  It's actually one of my two most favorites right now.  I see the flowers as being nice dots of colors combined with stripes.  The purple flowers in the background are just incredible mixed with these reds and blues.  Purple is usually one of my least favorite colors, but it really strikes me in this picture.  I feel like I suddenly have a craving to find some purple yarn.  And very soon!  Can you imagine stripes and dots?  I wonder how I can do something like that... hmmm... or stripes going down in columns with some squares in of colors in the middle... like this:

Of course, my colors are a little off because I just used the paint program on the computer to sketch it out quickly, but it's a start of an idea anyway.

This is another one of my favorite pictures.  I really like how mellow it feels.  I could imagine myself sitting up there behind the brush watching it all while wrapped in a lovely shawl or blanket that is made of very soft brushed wool.  The colors would match these in the photo.  Some nice forest greens, gray blues, and creams with dots of that rooftop color... what color is that?  Clay?  

I love the reds and greens in this picture.  I see in the petals there are some darker red stripes that would be fun to play with.  The yellow pollen on the flower would be fun to play with also... maybe some embellishments of some sort?   Or some loops of yarn that stick out just a little bit?  Almost like a terry cloth material, but just in a few gathered places, not all over. 

This one offers a lot of neat nature colors.  I like the shades of browns and grays, and the little plant growing off on the side.  I love the forest theme we have going on here, I love being in the forest.  I can almost smell the pines in this picture.  I also like the rings in the trunk and the cracks.  The bark is also cracking.  I keep thinking of some neat patterns in the crackle weave.  I've never tried crackle weave and this might be something fun to work with.

I feel like each of these pictures could be a project!  It's going to be very hard to chose just one picture!  I've got a lot of pondering to do.