Thursday, May 5, 2011

Texture in weaving

I must be a tactile person.  I love to feel my weaving during each process the cloth goes through.  I run my hand over the top or feel it between my fingers and I am always amazed at how each weave feels so different. It feels different under tension than when the tension is released.  And after it's washed, I feel it again because it has usually changed from all the previous times.

Here are some black and white pictures to emphasize the textures that this set of towels have.

I love the bumps in this weave.  It also has a more pliable feel to it than the others.

I love the smooth lines in this weave.  My fingers run along the lines like a train on a track.

I love how the middles are thin and kind of smooth but the outer edges are bumpy in this weave.