Saturday, May 14, 2011

Veggie towels progress

Yay! Veggie towels have been started!


While winding on the warp, I noticed one thread that didn't seem to be attached into any heddles.  Fortunately, I had my heddle sequence correct, I just missed putting that one string into the heddle.  So I had to improvise!  And this seems to work just fine!  I have safety pins holding this make-shift heddle onto the metal bars on the shafts and rubber bands in-between held together by another safety pin where the thread enters.   As long as I keep from jostling the warp with the shuttle, the threads don't get caught by the safety pin!  That was easy!


I found these enormous cones of 12/2 cotton at the yarn store.  The color choices were limited, but they were extremely inexpensive!  And it washes up to be SO soft and nice!  12/2 is a fun size to work with.  It makes a thinner feeling towel than 8/2.  Also, I like how you can use 8/2 as the overshot weft with 12/2 as the tabby.  That's what I did with these veggie towels.

When I started weaving them, they didn't look quite right.  Then I realized I had my pedals wrong!  I had the 1 & 8 switched in my mind.  So the designs are weaving on the back.  No worries!  I am going to leave it for this one towel, and then switch them to be correct for the next one so I can enjoy the designs more while weaving! 


They sure are cute!!!  I love them SOOO much!!  I knew when I first saw them I had to make them!!!

I've already sold one of these to a friend!  I can't wait to show it to her.  I believe she's going to send it to an aunt who is having a birthday.  I cut off this first towel and I'm going to give it to her today so she can have time to package it up and send it off.  I can't wait!