Thursday, May 26, 2011

Reed Marks

In the past year, I have been afraid of threading a reed with anything more than 2 threads per dent because of reed marks.  But in order to make the veggie towels, I had to use a 2-3-3 threading, and I worried about reed marks.  This is what it look like while weaving:

However, I am really happy to announce that they all washed out just fine!  During the washing and drying process, the threads always tend to re-arrange themselves to find a happy balance in the finished product.  Not being afraid of threading more than 3 threads dent opens many more doors for the e.p.i. and sett choices for the reeds that I have on hand.

All washed and pressed:

I am always glad when I try something new and it DOES work out to be o.k.!!