Sunday, June 5, 2011

Quilt Show 2011

My mom and I hung out at the yearly quilt show yesterday!  We had a lot of fun looking at quilts and buying from the vendors.  We ended up with some neat treasures!

 Here's a small selection of the quilts that we saw.  Of course, I won't post them all but there were some great show pieces!

I thought that this design would be neat for weaving.  And I LOVE the colors!

This guild chose to do a lot of quilted faces and they were so cute!

We also ended up with some cool treasures! This is a neat handwoven basket from Ghana.  It sells in the "fair trade" industry and the women who make them actually can make fair living wages.  Aren't they stunning?

 These were the U.G.L.E.E. dolls, of course U.G.L.E.E. stood for something that I can't recall right now, but it had to do with excuses that people make up when asked to do something.  There were so many to chose from! 

My excuse doll says, "I would love to help but I have to card some wool!" My mom's says, "I would love to help but I must organize my stash!"  So true...  

 I'm really excited to try out this new find!   It's not quite crochet... not quite knitting... not quite weaving... but it makes a really neat rag rug or pot holder!  It came with this special little tool and very detailed instructions.  I'm really excited to give it a whirl!  I think it will travel really well.  I might start cutting up some fabric to try it out tonight!

And get this neat "green" lunch thing: a reusable sandwich bag!  It even has this plastic liner in the inside for easy washing.  My PB&J's will taste great in this! (Or preztels, or apple slices, or carrots, or...)