Sunday, June 12, 2011

My P2P surprises

So when I sent my P2P pictures to Meg in New Zealand, I added to surprise pictures two surprises to the batch.  After a forever and half wait, She FINALLY received them!  So here are the additional pictures for your viewing pleasure!

Meg referred to this picture as "the party" but it was far from the fun a party can be!  This picture is one of the many times we've broken down in the car.  This was taken at the Walmart in Flagstaff, AZ.  That is my mother-in-law and husband trying to fix the car.  I was kind of bored so I just played with the camera.  We had a fun day, except for this part.  We finally had to call my dad to come and rescue us, then drive back the next day with parts to fix this car.  It needed a new fuel pump and a homeless mechanic helped us get the parts in.  I gave him a sack of food with homemade cookies and money for his troubles!  The reason why I was thinking about this picture recently was because this car just finally bit the dust for the last time.   

This picture was taken at a local lake that my husband and I spent a lot of time hanging out at before we were married.  We had just gotten our new digital camera and were meeting up with a bunch of friends.  I just thought this was an amazing dusk scene and it's always been one of my favorites.  Aren't the boats so inviting?  And isn't the water so peaceful?

As for my P2P choices, I'm still crunching on stuff and having a hard time narrowing it down because I can see something that I want to do in each picture.  I'm getting close to an idea though.  I'm kind of leaning towards this one:

I keep thinking a lovely plaid twill throw would be perfect to go with this picture.  I can imagine myself sitting on a rock or a bench and having this lovely twill plaid blanket wrapped around me during the brisk morning.  Who knows if the morning is really brisk or not, but it doesn't matter.  In my mind it can be whatever temperature I want it to be!  I think I want to pick out some colors from this picture, like the greens and the grays and blues with some dots of that washed out brick red orange.  And maybe taking some lines from the buildings in the back or the sailboats.  That is what I'm thinking today anyway, but it could all change in a matter of time.  But I think I'm going to work with this idea some more.