Thursday, December 1, 2011

3 strand twill

The 3 strands are working out great so far, and it doesn't even seem to matter than I put 3 strands into 1 heddle.  The only problem has been the sett.  I estimated a sett of 10 because I divided the 30 epi for twill made with 1 strand of 12/2, but it ended up being too loose.  So I changed it to 15 epi and if I beat soft then it's fine.

I think the 3 strands mixed together is a neat effect.  This is just a sample piece, so it has its imperfections.

It almost looks like variegated yarn, but better because it doesn't have the same "pooling" effect that variegated yarn can get.  I like it!  I can't help but to think that place mats made like this would be exciting...

Zip kept messing with my yarn during this one... until I put out the "cat trap". 
He almost looks punished, but don't worry, with a little encouragement he "chose" to jump inside!