Saturday, December 10, 2011

Trellis by Bertha Gray Hayes

A few months ago, I discovered the concept of the profile draft.  It is such a powerful weaving tool, one can take weaving patterns of all sorts and turn them into profile drafts and then use those to weave all different things!  Suddenly, it seemed as if a whole new weaving world unfolded right before my very eyes.  I felt so powerful.  I started looking at patterns much differently.  I started taking ordinary overshot patterns and turning them into all kinds of different things, like summer and winter or lace.  You might even remember my big discovery!  One day I turned Bertha Gray Hayes' Trellis pattern into a profile draft, and then started playing with it to possibly weave it in summer and winter.  I loved it!

 Trellis in Summer and Winter

A few weeks ago I tried making the table runners, which were so narrow that a very small portion of the pattern would actually show, so I changed it just a little bit.

But the whole time I was weaving those, I was wondering what it would look like if I did the real thing... the original pattern in summer and winter.  So, on Thanksgiving weekend I got my loom all set up with 8 yards of warp and measured it out so I could have 4 repeats across.  I decided to use more classic colors this time, which isn't really what I do, but it's a nice change.  I chose a dark teal blue and a cream.  And this is how it looks:

I love the tessellations! 
The lines are very interesting and it will make an excellent dishtowel!