Thursday, December 15, 2011

More Christmas cards!

I received more woven Christmas joy in the mail today!  It's always so exciting to get Christmas cards, especially handwoven ones!  This beauty is from Dave at Cabin Cove!  And it's so super soft that I can't stop touching it!  I love having weaving friends!!!

We also received some Christmas wishes from the Tuesday Weavers at the Loomy Tunes blog!  I love their message inside: "Friendship is the thread that ties all hearts together."  I have a fun time checking their blog for updates, and wish I lived in Tennessee so I could visit!  However, having to work every Tuesday would cause some conflicts, so I guess I'll just stay in Arizona... for now!

I also got a Christmas card from my mom and she wrote me the 12 days of Christmas... weaving style!  Here it is:

On the ___day of Christmas, my dear daughter gave to me:
1.  A pumpkin pie in a square dish (remember this?)
2.  Two old gnomes
3.  Three jars of applesauce
4.  Four homegrown carrots
5.  Five table runners
6.  Six balls of yarn
7.  Seven beautiful blankets
8.  Eight jars of turkey soup
9.  Nine knitted hats
10.  Ten pairs of mittens
11.  Eleven fluffy scarves
12.  Twelve dozen cookies

Thanks mom!