Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hopsack weave

I finished the hop-sack weave on the 4-shaft loom!  One of my favorite parts about this weave is the way it feels.  Not only does it have a soft feel, but it also is pliable and has a slight texture.  Because of it's pliability, it drapes nicely, too!  Some fabrics weave up so stiff, but not this one!

After making the baby blanket, I had enough left over in my warp for a nice long and wide hand towel for the guest bathroom.  The colors match the shower curtain and theme perfectly!!

In this warp, I mixed 12/2 with 16/2 cotton, and I was itching to see what twill would be like, so I reserved a few inches to try it out!  It was the smallest twill I've ever woven!  The sett is 32 e.p.i., and even the twill ended up being soft, pliable fabric.  I think it also would have made a lovely baby blanket and hand towel!

The stripes add a lot of artistic "tension" to the warp because they were not planned out.  I made it completely random, and even mixed some colors together for a heather look.  When I sewed the two panels together, they looked really nice because they were mirror images of each other.  But they were still a little unpredictable, which gave the eye interest.

I wish I had a loom that would weave blanket sized pieces so I wouldn't have to make a seam, but I'm just lucky I have a floor loom... so I don't complain!