Saturday, February 16, 2013

"Marty, you're not thinking 3-dimensionally!"

I haven't even made it to the end of my 2.5 yard sample warp for doubleweave, and I am already feeling so ready for my first blanket!  The sample washed up so awesome, you can't even tell there was a fold there.  That was my goal!  I am so ready to move onto the real thing.  And I know exactly what yarn I want... I want the green & blue yarn that I used for Brian's shawl.  I love the way that yarn looks!  It was called "beach" by Red Heart kids.  I have decided to make a 4-yard warp, so it would be plenty long.  When I first started my calculations for the blanket, I only calculated one layer.  But later it occurred to me that I only did 1 layer, so I calculated for 2 and I have JUST ENOUGH yarn!!  Can you believe it?!  What luck!!  The first mistake made me think of the quote from Doc Brown in the movie Back to the Future, "Marty, you're not thinking 3-demensionally!"  Now that I'm thinking 3 dimensionally, I have a sett of 16 epi, or 8 epi per layer.  I am warping the full width of my reed, or 26" across, which is a total of 416 ends.  Multiplied all together makes it 1,664 yards of yarn, which is just shy of a mile, 0.954mi to be exact!  Divide it by 232 yards per skein, and it will be 7.17 skeins... and that is all the beach yarn I have left.  I'm so lucky!  Best of all, because I bought the yarn on sale, this warp will only cost $13.62.  Now I will need to pick out a different color for the weft, but so many colors would match this stuff... white, green, black, aqua, blue, even bright pink!  I love this stuff! 

Wish me luck measuring out all these ends... I'm so excited to have this opportunity to weave a blanket that is so wide... I am predicting it will be somewhere around 44"-46" across.  This is just way cool!  Next blanket will be a twill on the 8-shaft loom!  One step at a time...