Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stash-buster blanket

 I have decided to make this doubleweave blanket a complete stash-reducing project!

 So far, I have woven through several skeins of acrylic yarn, and it feels so good to clear them off my shelf!

This blanket is weaving up so quickly.  In fact, I have only spent a few hours weaving and I am at least 75% done!

 The two layers seem to be working out just fine, too!  Here is a peek inside:

 It's such a long stretch that my depth of field on my camera has a hard time!  Here's the other end:

 So far, I have managed to weave through 24 bobbins of yarn! 

It's really thick on the loom.  I hope 4 yards of warp wasn't too long!

I haven't done much plain weave since getting my floor looms, but it's cute!  I kind of miss it!

I can't wait to experiment with some doubleweave 2/2 twills on my 8-shaft loom.  That will be amazing, also!

But first, I must finish my first doubleweave feat!