Friday, February 8, 2013

Old Wool

I was going through some old wool that was given to me and I came across these faded skeins.  I decided to over-dye it so that it can actually be useful for something.  I don't know if the faded areas are extra fragile or not, but I am willing to use it in at least a rug.

I like the way the dyeing turned out.  I used kiwi color dye, and it's blotchy because of those whitish areas, but I do like it!  It will weave up nicely!  Plus, it was free, so I really can't complain!

I'll set the green stuff aside until it dries, but I'll use it in my next project.  I need to get some of this stash used up!  I have a lot of this wool.

I used up some of this wool before in my blue and white rug back in June:

I have been eying this old wool as a warp, even though it is a bit on the brittle side.  I decided to take a chance and weave a shawl... but the plan is to be gentle with it!  This warp is 3 yards long, which is about 1/2 yard longer than Brian's man-shawl.  We have decided that 2.5 yards for a shawl is just a bit on the skimpy side.  This one should be perfect...


I especially like the colors... the dark blue mixed with the lighter blue.  At first I wasn't sure there would be enough contrast, but it is just perfect!  And so much more relaxing than my last few projects!

I was going to do just a scarf, kind of like those acrylic scarves from a few months ago, the ones with the huge motifs... but I really wanted a shawl or wrap instead.  So far, this project is going really fast because the sett is 8 ends per inch.  I had it threaded in less than 45 minutes!

When it comes off the loom, I am going to ever so slightly felt it in the sink by shocking the fibers with hot and cold water, just to make it a bit thicker.... which also might increase the strength of it, if it is brittle.  So far, I haven't had a problem with it.  This shawl is going to be so warm for the winter!

I wish I had a loom big enough to do a blanket in a solid piece.
Maybe someday!

 Oh, and PS.  My loom is weaving up SUPER straight now!  Yay!!  I am about half way done with this shawl already and it's not at all crooked!  In fact, this is the straightest I've ever woven with this loom... ever!!