Thursday, July 24, 2014

Chores first, fun second

One thing I learned right away when utilizing nap time is this: always put chores first and then fun second.  And when putting chores first, that means washing all the dirty bottles before doing any other chore to get them ready for the next feeding... because it could be any second!  And at this age, it seems as if it's hourly during the day.  So bottles first, then other chores, THEN the fun!

And we're having some fun today!  I am at the jumping off point... that fun point right at the beginning where you're not quite sure if this is going to work or not, where you're hoping for the best, but bracing yourself for the worst, and also that point where you are so excited you don't have a single ounce of being tired of the project yet!  That's where I am right now...

 And now for some more fun time!

We love reading time with David!  We try to do this every single day, no matter what.  So far, we have accomplished doing this almost every day!  Brian loves reading Dr. Seuss to David!  I enjoy reading longer books to him, like chapter books.  I find that the flow of language is a lot better than the board books, although we always throw in 2-3 board books a day on top of our two chapters in the chapter book because we thinkthe rhyming is enjoyable to him. 

Even if he never becomes a reader for fun, my long term goals are more focused on having him read at or above grade level and also being able to give a summary of events that happened in the story.  I'm also looking forward to the future when he picks out his own books and crawls right into my lap for reading time!  Right now he sits quietly and listens.  His whole body gets quiet while he studies the pictures and listens to the story.  It's pretty amazing to see!  My favorite books so far are called the Great Illustrated Classics, which have text on one side and a picture on the other side throughout the whole book.  I'm glad to see our local library has nearly the entire collection of these books.  This week, we are reading "Swiss Family Robinson."  I'm sure someday David will love to read it again and again, and maybe build a tree house to enjoy like the family in the book!