Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lucky 13 shuttles

I decided to utilize ALL the shuttles I had on hand, which added up to be 13.  I divided it almost in half of dark and light yarn and then I have been randomly using rotating through the darks and lights.  I think it looks better with more colors!  There are more pinwheels popping out.

I tried following the colors in a specific order, starting at the right but it didn't seem to make a difference one way or another.  I think the thing that makes it look better is the amount of colors available to rotate through.  I still want to try the original pattern that my friend used though.  I'll get this part long enough to call it a towel after it's been washed and then I will re-tie up the treadles.  Or maybe I'll aim for more of the half way point because I do like what I'm seeing now!  Here's the other pattern I want to try:

This other pattern allows less "plain weave" in-between the pinwheels that exist in the pattern I'm using now.  I think that might make a difference because the colors are chunked together in a more solid form.  I still like the original project more though!  I think I might just be getting a bit tired of my usual colors.

Oh, and this little one is starting to scoot around!