Monday, July 28, 2014

close, closer, and closest

 Good news!  The more I weave, the more I like these towels!

They play tricks on your eyes.  Sometimes you can't always see a pinwheel, but if you look at it differently, like closer or further away, you can see them.  They kind of pop out after awhile!  It's pretty neat.  And colorful!  I have to admit, I like the original pattern I saw more, but this isn't bad for just using what I had on hand.  I'm not one to go out and buy a bunch of yarns for a project... right now anyway.  Maybe someday!

Also, it's good to note that the original design was woven in a slightly different pinwheel pattern.  Once I finish this particular pattern, I might try the same pattern my friend tried.  It might make all the difference and I might be even closer to matching it.  Also, the original design weft followed the same warp color order.... which also might make a difference, but that's an awful lot of thought to put towards it. I'm kind of enjoying this "winging it" thing.  But, if I don't follow the "rules" then I can't complain, right?

But for now, I'm certainly enjoying these towels in this pattern and these colors!

And now, some of David's very first trip this month to see his grandparents in Washington State!  I was brave enough to board a plane all by myself and the baby for both directions!  He did such a good job... slept nearly the whole time and flirted the rest of the time!  David met his great grandparents for the first time on this trip, as well as all his cousins, aunts, uncles, great aunts and uncles, and he got to see his grandparents for a second time.  Not only did he ride on the airplane for the first time, but he also got to ride on an escalator for the first time, enjoy time by the lake for the firs time, and sleep in his daddy's old crib and room!