Friday, July 13, 2012

10 shades of blue, in stripes

So when I first thought of making some bookmarks with 10 different shades of blues, I was very excited because I thought it would look so cool!  Then, as I started weaving, it became my least favorite section.  The design didn't show up very well (except the 4/4 twill section) and I wasn't so sure about the "denim" look it had.

But now that I am cutting the bookmarks apart and seeing how the designs and colors interact individually, I really like these blue bookmarks! 

In fact, I might even do another multicolored section on the next warp... 

Some more changes I like on this set of bookmarks was the "garbage" yarn between the bookmarks.  Sometimes a few little pieces it stuck in the sewn sections, but that's ok.  It really saved the panic and anxiety I felt on the first set!  I don't feel like it's a time-bomb ticking away and at any minute all the threads will collapse and I will lose my channels.  No, not this time!  I can leisurely sew in-between each channel and leisurely cut them apart.  I have WAY more threads to pick off, but I would rather pick than panic!  I also feel like the edges are much cleaner looking with more even lines because of the yarn in-between each one.

By the way, I don't now if I mentioned this before, but every bookmark has a teal section in it.  Did you notice it yet??  Besides being twill and made of yarn by me, that is the one thing they all have in common!!