Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A new kind of bookmark

I've decided to switch things up a bit with a new tie-up for the treadles.  I liked the design before, but after weaving a few hundred, I decided variety is probably key here, so I tied it up like this:

This new tie-up produces even flatter bookmarks than before!  I like the new designs and how they are surrounded by plain weave.  I have a few more tie-ups I hope to try before this 10 yard warp runs out... I don't think there's any rush!

Here are the two tie-ups I've tried so far, placed side by side for comparison:

And their corresponding weaves:

I like both weaves a lot, even though they are so different.  In my honest opinion though, I think I like tie-up 1 just a little bit better.  The 3-1 twill mixed with the 2-1 twill is really neat.  In tie-up 2, it's a little more blocky, but still neat in its own way.
I don't know if you noticed this in the first few pictures above, but I put some yarn between each bookmark.  There is yarn on each side of the four sides.  I plan on sewing right next to the "good yarn" and then after I cut them apart, I will pick out the "garbage yarn" and just throw it away.  I hope this will help keep the spacing a little bit longer while I sew up the edges.  It's always such a scary moment for me to have nothing between them!

Another new thing I tried this time around was having 4 bookmarks side by side with 10 different shades of blues.  It's kind of neat, but you can't really see the designs very well.  The neat thing about it is that it looks like denim, but that's about the only neat thing.  Otherwise, in the next set, I will skip this section because it's just too hard to see the pattern. It's almost too much going on in those 4 bookmarks and everything is not working together!


I'm not sure how far I've woven, but one section of butcher paper has fallen off... only 2 more to go on this round!  We're making progress!