Saturday, July 21, 2012


 Still sewing...

I'm really starting to miss weaving.  A lot.

I think I'm addicted to weaving.

Because I'm having withdrawals.

Like I feel irritated.

I just want to weave again!  
Only a few more hundred to sew.  
I can do this!

I'm afraid if I get the loom all set up, I'll throw all the sewing aside!  So... that is why I don't tempt myself.  One step at a time!!!

So... after seeing all these bookmarks, which one do I think is the best?  Well, there are so many favorites... but this one above is one of my favorites because of both the design AND colors!  I would have thought my most favorite would have been an 8-shaft pattern, but this is just a simple 2/2 twill!  But there are so many cool ones.  I wish I could keep them all!  But if I kept all the cool ones, I wouldn't have any to send out!  :)

And then what was the point of all this sewing?!

I have plans of making a dishtowel set with different patterns and colors, like the bookmarks.  It's currently brewing in my head!