Friday, July 6, 2012

2/2 Twill: The Classic Choice

 I'm starting to knock my knees on these woven bookmarks because the roll is getting so big!  Two sections of butcher paper have fallen off, so I'm down to my last section.

This is tie-up #5, and it's a 2/2 twill.  I like this tie-up a lot because the designs are so small and there are a lot that can fit in this tiny amount of space.  It's also very classic looking.

Here are some 2/2 twill bookmark pictures: 


I have a few more 2/2 tie-ups I want to explore on this warp, like hopsack, for example.  Sometimes it's nice going back to the simple weaves and exploring how neat they really are!  It's so classic looking... reminds me of some of my very first weaves!  I'm feeling a little nostalgic!