Sunday, November 4, 2012

bubble gum jr

A friend from ravelry REALLY liked the bubble gum scarf, but it was a bit to skinny for her taste.  It's about 5 1/4" wide.  If I knew it would be that small, I would have added a few more stripes to the side.

So I went to the yarn store to look for more yarn, but there wasn't anymore.  It was on sale, and it was such a good sale.  When I went back for more "Beach" yarn, I saw one more skein and I almost got it but I knew I had too much yarn as it was, so I passed it up.  Now I'm kicking myself!

 Alas, life goes on and I dug through my stash and I saw these two, also from the yarn sale.  The pink is the same pink from before.  The other one is a nice mix of blues, purples, and teals.  It's pretty close to the other one, well, not in a side by side comparison... but ti's an ombre!   And it looks good with the bring pink!

In fact, here they are weaving up and I honestly think I like these better!  You can see the design easier.
It's sett is 9 epi on a 10 dent reed.

I made almost 9" across in the reed, so it's weaving up to a little over 8".  This is a perfect size for my friend! And, she likes it!  Thank goodness!

But it was a chance worth taking because it can always go into the show.  I'm sure there is a taker out there somewhere!!!

A scarf for everyone, and everyone has their scarf... 

By the way, do you ever do this?  Blur your eyes so you can kind of see it differently?  

I do this a lot, and I like the method.  It kind of blurs things together and you can almost see the bigger picture better....  or maybe it's just a "me" thing!