Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Chargers and Univ. of Utah

I had someone contact me about weaving a special "Chargers" scarf representing a football team.  Their logo looks like this:

I came up with a few ideas for my friend in order to put this symbol into a scarf.  Here are the ideas I had:





He liked these first 4, but then asked me to turn the lightening bolt on the side.  No problemo! Here were the other ideas I sent:




My friend really REALLY like #6!  Then he wanted to make sure it would go vertical, so I designed this to make sure were were both on the same page!

Then I noticed that some of the floats were very long... and after much contemplation, I revised my plan and made a few modifications to correct these floats.

Here are my two modifications:

draft 8

draft 9

My friend said he liked draft #9 the best, even better than what we had before because to him, this has a 3D look to it!  Yay!!  Now I can get started working on it! Personally, I like the bottom one the best too, and now the he pointed out the 3D look, I like it even better!
I can't wait to get started!  I need to stock up on some powder blue yarn!

This person also wants 4 scarves in the "brightest red and the whitest white" to represent the University of Utah for him and all of his friends.
Let the beloved polyester weaving continue!